VNG International invests in innovation, in particular in the field of urban development. We are partner in developing healthy urban living in delta cities, circular cities, resilient cities and smart cities. We build our expertise on a worldwide network of urban practitioners. We share our experiences about Dutch experimental urban governance initiatives like City Deals and EU Urban Partnerships.

urban innovation

VNG International accompanies new ways of working by local governments. Innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships are a key solution to the challenges in cities today.


Major Dutch innovative public administration reforms take place that inspire us to accompany other cities in their development processes. To make our societies future proof, our cities are working with a new decentralised policy on social affairs and design a territorial approach on physical planning through the biggest juridical reform making an integrated environmental law. For the first time in history, cities work as equal partners in an intergovernmental programme with national government, provinces and water authorities to address key issues as climate change, housing and circular economy.

VNG International offers concrete tools based on proven approaches and facilitating learning from others, being a strong partner in cities’ governance innovations for a future proof urban living.

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