IDEAL is a programme implemented in seven countries facing fragility or conflict: Burundi, Mali, Palestine, Rwanda, Somaliland, South Sudan and Uganda. Local governments play a key role in supporting the resilience of their communities against instability and fragility. The basic services local governments provide and the policies they develop have a direct effect on the lives of citizens. IDEAL works on involving citizens, including in particular marginalised groups, in local decision-making in order to ensure their needs and opinions are reflected. This will in first instance improve local governance and the quality of basic services, and in the long-term increase security, reduce poverty, and lead to sustainable social and economic development.

About the programme

To realise the goals of IDEAL, we work together with local associations of municipalities and Dutch municipalities in Uganda and Rwanda.

IDEAL is a 5-year programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through the IDEAL programme we can create better future for dozens of communities in the 7 participating countries.

To find out more about what we do on country level: