VNG International increasingly focusses on Asia. With South, Eastern and South-East Asia being the top three most populated global regions, harbouring over 50% of the world’s citizenry, the continent’s importance is clear. In two ways VNG International adds unique value to the region:

1. VNG International possesses the capabilities and knowledge to take on contemporary developmental and transitional challenges related to local and urban governance

local government asiaThrough our state-of-the art project and financial management skills and thematic expertise in public administration, integrated urban development, sustainability, resilience, service delivery and revenue generation, we are uniquely well positioned to service international donor organisations, development banks and Asian national governments and cities

2. VNG International forms the gateway between Asian and Netherlands’ cities

participation asia the netherlandsAsia and Europe are becoming ever more interdependent. There are increasing opportunities for Asian and European local governments and cities to exchange ideas and expertise and to facilitate trade. Being part of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), we have unrivalled access to Dutch cities. Through advisory services, specialised training opportunities and the organisation of tailor-made study visits, VNG International leverages its position and capacity for Asian and Dutch cities alike.

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