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In this project, VNG International focuses specifically on the development of public spaces and green infrastructure in the municipalities of Sarhan, Bal'ama and Um Al Jimmal, all located in the Mafraq region / Governorate. <br />
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Overall objective: The development of new public green spaces via green infrastructure measures, which enhances locals' and refugees' quality of life and wellbeing. <br />

The wider objective of the project is to support public finance and public administration reforms aiming to enhance accountability and public service delivery through improved Government performance. Thereby contributing to the objective of "Reinforcing the rule of law for enhanced accountability and equity in public service delivery'" in the component 1 of the Single Support Framework (SSF) 2014-2017 between the EU and Jordan.<br />
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The wider objective of the project is to make municipal governance in Jordan more effective. <br />
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