Country South Africa
Duration Start 24 December, 2017 till 24 December, 2020
Policy field(s) Local economic development
Funding Delegation of the European Union to South Africa
The wider objective of the project is increased economic development & growth in South African mining towns.

The specific objective is for Local Authorities to actively engage partners to co-implement mining Social & Labour Plans (SLP) projects.

The expected results of the project are:
1: Increased capacity of LAs to engage with mining companies.
2: Improved capacity of LAs to empower community members for effective public participation.
3: Enhanced LA capacity to facilitate municipal policy coherence and alignment (IDP and SDFs aligned to mine-SLP).
4: Increased exposure & capacity of LAs to develop approaches to economic diversification.

VNG International is implementing this grant in co-operation with:
- Musina Municipality
- CLCB, Centre for Local Capacity Building Pretoria