Country Serbia
Duration Start 1 August, 2018 till 31 January, 2021
Policy field(s) Communication
Public policy and planning
Acquis communautaire
European integration
Partners Ecorys Nederland B.V.
Municipality of Naledi
Funding Delegation of the European Commission to Serbia
The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the Public Administration Reform (PAR) of the Government of Serbia, through strengthening national capacities to communicate the need for and the benefits of public administration reform.
The purpose of this project is to support the Government of Serbia in pursuing visibility and communication actions related to the overall Public Administration Reform (PAR) and Public Financial Management (PFM) reform agendas in general, and the Sector Reform Contract intervention in particular, through three interlinked components:
1. Awareness and visibility of the PAR and PFM process;
2. Awareness of the EU support to the PAR process and benefits for the citizens which the Public Administration Reform brings within the EU integration process;
3. Communications capacities of the Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Ministry of Finance and public administration bodies.

The results expected to be accomplished at the end of the project activities are:
Result 1 linked to the Component 1:
Comprehensive PAR communication and awareness raising framework operational through implementation of the Government's PAR communication strategy.
Result 2 linked to the Component 2:
Comprehensive public awareness raising campaign on benefits of the EU support to the PAR delivered.
Result 3 linked to the Component 3:
The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government, Ministry of Finance and the relevant public bodies equipped with communication skills and modern communication techniques for communicating the PAR policy objectives and achievements to the public.