Country Libya
Duration Start 1 December, 2017 till 31 December, 2018
Policy field(s) Civil society
Civil society
Partners Human Change Group
CILG-VNG International
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Libya
General objective: A growing coalition of civil society organisations and municipalities is continuously involved in a facts-based and inclusive debate on state-building and fosters a culture of dialogue, cooperation and institutional development at the local level.

Specific objectives:
Develop the organisational capacities of the Coalition of CSOs and its individual members to consolidate their position, establish an independent network organisation of CSOs and continue wide-spread implementation of their activities to further engage citizens in a state-building dialogue, including guaranteeing accountability from and towards their municipalities.
Strengthen the established peer-to-peer capacity building system through developing thematic events and network activities for CSOs and municipalities with new international partners such as UNSMIL, GIZ and the EU.
Connect and align the increased CSO and municipal capacities, activities and network through designing and organising conferences to share knowledge for policy and practice in and outside Libya

The expected results of the project are:
Result 1 - CSOs have made a design for an independent CSO network organisation that can allow (inter)national partners to work together with Libyan partners.
Result 2 - 1-3 new projects/programmes on governance in Libya supported by a variety of donors.
Result 3 - The design and implementation of an interactive component for a conference in February 2018 and the organisation of a follow up event.